Opening Hour

Monday – Sunday
11:00am – 10:00pm

i • RAMEN brings the experience of traditional Japanese noodle shop culture. Thanks to their unique secret recipe broth, it has become a beloved culinary destination for many. IRamen offers a variety of classic Japanese ramen and other delicious noodle dish options, adhering to traditional preparation methods and using topquality ingredients to meticulously craft their rich and flavorful ramen creations, including ramen, lo mein, and udon. The broth is the soul of the dish, made by simmering a variety of ingredients for a long time to produce a deeply flavored and hearty broth including pork bone broth, chicken broth, and shrimp-based broth, such as pork bone, chicken, and shrimp-based broths, which will leave you craving more.


Signature Dishes

  1. i • Mazesoba
  2. Roasted prok ramen
  3. Spicy shrimp soup ramen
  4. Curry udon