G/F:Retail & Entertainment

The ground floor retail area is a shopping paradise that will dazzle any visitors, offering over 4,000 official licensed products from more than 130 brands. This includes limited edition collectibles, figurines, posters, apparel, keychains, pins, stationery, household items, and exclusive trading cards. Whether you are a fan of classic or the latest anime series, you will find cherished collectibles here.

Located in the lobby is an astonishing Time Tunnel adorned with a dazzling array of anime character collectible cards. At the end of the tunnel, you will find enchanting merchandise and collectible series from beloved Japanese anime and manga culture brands, providing fans and collectors with an unforgettable experience.

Additionally, we have an anime gaming area, offering the latest in various video games and tabletop games, along with a multiplayer battle arena where players can engage in intense multiplayer battles, showcase their extraordinary skills, and enjoy a new gaming experience full of fun. Simultaneously, the venue features a special event space used regularly for Cosplay activities, autograph sessions, and special events, allowing you to dress as your favorite anime characters, interact with other Cosplay enthusiasts, and display your talents. Here, you can fully express your love for anime and enjoy this unique zero-distance social experience with fellow enthusiasts.