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DETECTIVE CONAN THE MOVIE Exhibition: A Silver Screen Retrospective – Hong Kong is coming to Anima Tokyo 1/F INCUBASE Arena this summer! Following its successful runs in Japan and Taiwan, the exhibition will arrive in Hong Kong becoming the second exhibition at INCUBASE Arena since its opening in late April, running from July 10th to September 1st. The exhibition will feature 7 beloved movies and faithfully recreate their iconic scenes and characters. With large-scale exhibits and interactive setups, fans of Detective Conan can enjoy and experience the world of the Detective Conan movies in their ways.

Exhibition Period: 10/7/2024 – 1/9/2024
Opening Hour: 10:00am – 10:00pm

【Hara Café, a Theme Café with a Vintage Train】

Recently, everyone has noticed a retro train and “Hara Station” outside the “Showaki Food Town.” Actually, it’s our new member, Hara Café, a café inspired by the iconic antique electrified trains in Japan. It perfectly replicates the realistic carriages, classic stations, and the driver’s control room, making it incredibly eye-catching.

《Fullmetal Alchemist Exhibition》

Located on the 1st floor of Anima Tokyo, the Incubase Arena, crafted in collaboration with the entertainment experience planners Incubase Studio, offers a diverse range of anime entertainment experiences. The arena launched with the popular anime exhibition “Fullmetal Alchemist,” showcasing approximately 300 exhibits, including manga manuscripts and colorful illustrations, as well as limited-edition collectibles from the 2022 live-action movie of “Fullmetal Alchemist.” The “Fullmetal Alchemist Exhibition” is one of several Incubase Studio’s Asian tour exhibitions, and this Hong Kong station has added 4 – 5 new areas. The same floor features a “Fullmetal Alchemist” themed restaurant and a pop-up store with numerous photo spots and exclusive merchandise.

Enjoy the exhibition, snap photos, and shop for exclusive merchandise – fulfilling all your desires in one visit.

Exhibition Period: 29/4/2024 – 11/6/2024
Opening Hour: 10:00am – 10:00pm

【TAKUMI Whisky Bar Happy Hour and Ladies Night Buy One Get One Free】

For friends who enjoy unwinding with companions after work, remember to visit TAKUMI Whisky Bar on the 2nd floor of Silvercord. In addition to taking some good photos for social media, you can enjoy the Happy Hour and Ladies Night offers, which include buy-one-get-one-free on selected red and white wines, beers, cocktails, mock-tails and soft drinks. And there’s a live band performance over weekends where you can have an enjoyable time with live music. Looking forward to seeing you soon at Takumi Whisky Bar!

Happy Hour : Mon – Sun 16:00-20:00

The groundbreaking Showa-style culinary plaza “Showaki Food Town” has now landed in Anima Tokyo.

The highly anticipated large-scale anime hub, Anima Tokyo, brings a delightful surprise with the introduction of the 33,000 square feet Showa era-themed culinary plaza, “Showaki Food Town” showcasing the essence of aesthetics from the last century. Drawing inspiration from the classic elements of the Showa period, “Showaki Food Town” creates a retro dining space filled with a nostalgic atmosphere. From rustic wooden walls to vintage lighting, every detail faithfully reproduces the charm of yesteryears, leading everyone on a marvelous journey through time.

“JapShowaki Food Town” boasts 11 unique establishments offering a variety of classic Showa-era delicacies. These include KAIBAO Seafood Market with its fresh seafood selection, SUSHI-I serving handcrafted sushi, IZAKAYA TENTORI offering traditional Japanese dining, i-RAMEN serving authentic Japanese ramen, artisanal bakery, and even a Japanese whisky bar. It covers the most beloved culinary flavors of the Showa era. Additionally, the culinary plaza regularly hosts various activities, including tuna filleting performances and other cultural experiences, allowing you to enjoy not only a meal but also a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure.

Transformers The ARK x kkday  

Transformers The ARK has officially landed on KKday! Transformers The ARK has partnered with KKday to bring a more immersive Transformers experience to Transformers fans. By purchasing the Award-Winning Burger Pizza Meal (For Two) on the KKday platform, fans can enter the world of Transformers at the Causeway Bay and Tseung Kwan O stores. Additionally, there is a special offer where fans can take home two selected Transformers T-shirts from the designated series at a discounted price.