1/F:Themed Exhibition

The 1st floor, home to the Anima Tokyo | Incubase Arena, includes exhibition spaces, themed restaurants, and pop-up stores. As the premier anime entertainment hub for Incubase Studio, Anima Tokyo | Incubase Arena is committed to creating a unique anime culture and entertainment experience. Regularly hosting exhibitions of different anime works and a series of themed activities, it offers a new way to experience the captivating world of anime.

The inaugural exhibition at Incubase Arena is the “Fullmetal Alchemist Exhibition,” which explores the artistry and narrative of Hiromu Arakawa’s celebrated series through displays of original manga manuscripts and thematic artworks. Anima Tokyo | Incubase Arena sets the stage for a series of acclaimed showcases, including “One Piece: the Great Era of Pirates Exhibition Asia Tour,” “Jujutsu Kaisen Exhibition,” “Demon Slayer: Total Concentration Exhibition,” “Attack on Titan: Final Exhibition,” and “The World of Studio Ghibli Animation Exhibition,” along with experiences inspired by Hollywood such as “The Conjuring Universe Tour,” “Frozen – the Exhibition,” and “A Minions Perspective.”

Cafe and pop-up stores on this floor adapt their themes to align with the current exhibitions, offering exclusive themed merchandise that brings infinite surprises. Whether you are an anime enthusiast or a newcomer interested in Japanese culture, the Incubase Arena is your gateway to a magical anime world, creating unforgettable experiences and encounters.