Anima Tokyo – The Global Paradise for Anime Enthusiasts

Welcome to Anima Tokyo, the global paradise for anime enthusiasts. Located in Hong Kong and spanning 80,000 square feet, Anima Tokyo is the world’s first three-story immersive shopping center combining retail, entertainment, and dining elements. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and expert curation, we are dedicated to offering an immersive and authentic Japanese anime cultural experience for all anime fans and aficionados of Japanese culture.

Anima Tokyo symbolizes a deep love and respect for Japanese anime culture, aiming to bring this unique cultural experience to a global audience. Whether you are an anime fan or simply interested in Japanese culture, Anima Tokyo serves as the perfect starting point to explore the world of anime. Here, like-minded individuals can gather to share and exchange their passion for anime. Our venue hosts a variety of events such as autograph, cosplay, and exhibitions, providing opportunities for direct interaction with anime creators and fellow fans, creating endless possibilities.

For anyone from hardcore enthusiasts and collectors to those new to Japanese anime culture, Anima Tokyo is a destination you cannot miss. Join us in this fantastical world of anime!