Opening Hour

Monday – Sunday
11:00am – 10:00pm

Ishidaya is a restaurant that specializes in high-quality Western-style light meals and healthy cuisine. The interior design is primarily based on wood, complemented by refreshing shades of green, creating a stylish and artistic atmosphere with a Japanese touch. The restaurant focuses on using fresh ingredients and is committed to providing meals that are both nutritious and tasty!

The main dishes are customizable Chazuke and Hawaiian Poke Bowls, accompanied by a variety of low-fat ingredients such as “Salt-grilled Salmon”, “Slow-cooked Chicken Breast”, “Fried Scallops” and “Unshelled Shrimps”. It is an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts or those looking to manage their weight.


Signature Dishes

  1. Scallops Fried Brown Rice
  2. Marbled Beef with Portobello on Homemade
  3. Special Juice
  4. Avocado with Kale Smoothie